Sunny Chan – Resume 2023


My name is Sunny and I’m a 3D Artist, Product and User Experience Designer working across various creative and tech industries including Visual Effects, Game Development, Film/Television, Mobile, Web3, and most recently exploring AR/VR/MR and AI Stable Diffusion. I’ve lead teams of creative and technical talent from concept pitch to live production feature pipelines implementing new platform services used by millions of iOS users each day.


► AI Art Director + UI/UX Design @ Stealth Startup

( Stealth Startup ) ( Winter 2020 – Now : Cupertino, California ) 
  • Generative 2D/3D AI Prompt Engineering case studies
  • Creating, refining, and automating ComfyUI production process workflows
  • Human Interface and User Experience interactive concept prototyping

► UI / UX Product Designer + 3D Artist @ Coinflip Studios

( ) ( Summer 2018 – Spring 2019 : San Francisco, California ) 

Ninja Legends – Oculus Quest VR Experience (Made with Unity)

  • Provided guidance and perspective to Founders making key business decisions in regards to the company’s overall direction and grand vision.
  • Helped lay the groundwork for a new VR game studio. Established an efficient production pipeline between Art and Engineering teams to collaborate through Maya, Unity, and across different VR platforms.
  • Brainstorming and prototyping a wide range of experimental VR demos targeting Oculus Go, Rift, Quest, and HTC Vive.

► 3D Artist + Product Designer @ Apple ) ( Summer 2013 – Summer 2017 : Sunnyvale, California )

Maps Human Interface 3D Lead, Product Designer – “Next Generation” Maps prototyping

Lead 3D Artist, UI/UX Designer – Maps sandbox prototyping in Unity

  • Created a “Maps Sandbox” in Unity as a side project with 2 other colleagues. That Unity demo was one of the first interactive indoor mapping prototypes pitched to Apple Leadership and Maps stakeholders which would become the foundation of the Apple Indoor Maps feature that launched with iOS 11.

Product Designer – Apple Indoor Maps

Lead Product Designer – Survey App for iOS

  • Created and deployed to business owners and contractors around the world to accurately survey indoor spaces utilizing wi-fi and BTLE beacons in order to provide accurate indoor positioning. By dropping ‘points’ on a map you indicate your position within the venue as you walk through. The app measures the radio frequency (RF) signal data and combines it with an iPhone’s sensor data.

Lead 3D Artist / Product Designer – Apple Maps Flyover

  • Designed and optimized the 3D production pipeline from raw data ingestion to workflow tools support to enable teams of external Contractors, Maya Generalists, and Cartographers to view and edit map tiles in one integrated app. Provided guidance and constructive feedback to Artists, Engineers, and Leadership regarding project expectations.

► Lead 3D Modeler + Maya Generalist @ Logan

( ) ( Spring 2009 – Spring 2012 : Los Angeles, California )
  • Concept Development, Previs, Modeling, Texturing, Rendering for a wide range of commercial, video game, and feature film Visual Effects projects requiring dynamic modeling approaches and techniques. I started as a Junior Artist and worked my way to Lead 3D Artist / Supervisor.
  • Clients include: Apple, Nike, Reebok, DC Shoes, Columbia Pictures, Sony, Nintendo, BethesdaSoftworks, PlatinumGames Inc., Activision, Electronic Arts, Japan Railway, Intel, Exxon/Mobil, Honda, Lexus, Sears, Kohler, Clinique.

► 3D Maya Generalist @ Prologue

( ) ( Fall 2008 : Venice, California )
  • Worked on feature film main titles Valkyrie(2009) and Whiteout(2009). Created commercial pitches, 3D animatic previs, motion tests, Visual Effects elements, and various design storyboards.

► 2D / 3D Designer @ Capacity

( ) ( Summer 2007 : Culver City, California )
  • Pipeline and workflow production on various projects for Cartoon Network’s Master Control television series, MSNBC’s network and web rebranding package, and truTV’s The Real Hustle opening titles.

► Creative Director @ Reactor

( ) ( 2008 – Now : Marina Del Rey, California )
  • Responsible for leading project direction and execution on startups that have been featured on The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNet, KillerStartups, and LifeHacker.


► Savannah College of Art and Design

( Fall 2004 – 2008 : Savannah, Georgia )
  • BFA in Visual Effects + Minor in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics.


► 3D

( Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, AutoCAD, zBrush, Unity, Unreal )
  • 3D Modeling (environmental, hard surface, organic, stylized, conceptual.) UV / Texturing, Lighting / Rendering, Interactive real-time rapid prototyping and data visualization, Additive manufacturing 3D printing.

► 2D

( Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, Keynote, Resolve, ComfyUI )
  • Designing a great user experience from top to bottom. Creating product flowcharts and visual mockups including storyboards, wireframes, and interactive presentations.