Ken Block’s Gymkhana 4 – The Hollywood Megamercial

Ken Block is a pro racer with the Monster World Rally Team. When Ken isn’t sleeping, he can almost always be found going sideways. On dirt, pavement, on a dock, up walls, underground, on a boat, you name it. Gymkhana 4 combines Hollywood antics with some good old fashion hooning. I got to witness Ken’s 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta barreling towards me ( sideways of course ) smoke billowing from his wheels, turbo chirping like a bird in a blender, bits of tire hitting me in the face… just inches away from destroying the hollow plastic barrier separating me from Ken’s bumper.

On the safer production side of Gymkhana 4 I 3D modeled the “DC” and “Gymkhana 4:The Hollywood Megamercial” logos for the opening title sequence. I also put some love into the car geometry for the Terminator liquid metal shot. It was a blast working with Ben Conrad + Ken and Co. on a video that proves a bunch of Hollywood VFX nerds can still have fun at work.

**UPDATE** Gymkhana 4 has reached over 1 million views on YouTube in under 24 hours!

**UPDATE #2** Cruising along at 10 million views! Ken is a BEAST.